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Key Features

Rod bloc for 15 mm lighweight to 19 mm studio rods
Left and right telescopic handgrips with ARRI rosettes
Let you move quickly between known setups
Each arm features 4 points of articulation
Arm extend up to 2 inches and rotates throughout 360°
Markings on extendable arm help you remember preferred settings
Patented Push-button system for fast adjustment
Push, adjust, release, and then its lock
Rubber handgrips for stability and precision
Made of CNC machined aluminum for resistance
Shock-resistant case included to store your hand grip

Telescopic SHAPE handle Arri rosette (HAND12)

Telescopic SHAPE handle Arri rosetteLeft and right telescopic handgrips with ARRI rosettes that can be attached to cameras or camera support hardware that has standard ARRI rosettes, which allow you to lock your arms in place. Each arm features four points of articulation (2 Push-button and 2 ratchet knob) to adjust the arms position. The ratchet knob along the arms allows you to extend the arms up to 2 inches and rotate the handgrips throughout 360°. The one near the rosette gives you more option to position the arm for your comfort.

SHAPE is well known for its patented Push-button handle, now used by so many professionals in the industry. The technology was developped to give filmakers quick and easy adjustment. By simply pressing the button, you are allowed a 360-degree rotation to place the handle in the best position for your use. Push, adjust, release, and then its lock. The Push-button system on the Handle articulating joint provides additional articulation near the rosette, while the second push-button articulation joint allows you to rotate and precisely position the rubber handgrips.

905 black Nanuk case (VAL905N)

905 black Nanuk caseThe SHAPE 905 Black Nanuk Case is a crushproof travel case designed to protect equipment from impact, water, pressure and dust. The case is made of lightweight resin and weighs only 3.3 lb. The interior is empty but can optionally be outfitted with foam compartments or padded dividers from Nanuk. An optional Nanuk shoulder strap can also be attached. The exterior measures about 12 x 10″ and the interior about 9 x 7″.

Power claw latching system
Soft grip foldable handle
High performance gasket
Automatic pressure release valve
Molded-in bezel system
Integrated lid stay
Stainless steel pins, hinges and similar hardware

Bloc 15-19 mm Arri rosette (BLOC1519AR)

The SHAPE Adjustable Rod Bloc for 15 to 19 mm Rods is designed to fit HAND10 handles from SHAPE (sold separately). It fits both 15 mm lightweight and 19 mm studio rods and features ARRI rosettes.



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