Designed to carry 1 or 2 persons plus camera, the DUO JIB is a stable, modular jib ideal for working on tight sets. Mounted on the MAGNUM DOLLY, it provides a huge lift range and with the rotatable bearing of the dolly a  smooth 360° endless panning is possible, a feature enhanced by the MAGNUM DOLLY #V wireless mode. The DUO JIB is very quickly and easily assembled and dismounted. Mounted on a MAGNUM DOLLY, the Jib will automatically lift and lower by activating the column movement.


  • a mounting bracket for connection rod
  • the connection rod. 

Activating the column movement, the jib will automatically be lifted and lowered.


The extended versions may not be operated with the connection rod.


Duo Jib Transport Case MovieTech

The DUO JIB case is designed to to keep everything in one place and enable you to transport the jib protected.




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