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K-Stacker II


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1 in stock

The K-Stacker offers a simple solution for LED and FLO lighting support. Based on a concept from Canadian gaffer Alex Amyot, MSE has created a strong and robust tool that turns Kino Flo LED Panels and Fluorescent Fixtures into larger, soft light sources. The K-Stacker II mounts FreeStyle 31 LED Panels and 4ft/4Bank Fixtures in a tight array for more lumen punch. The versatile design allows for vertical mounting on a light stand, or downward mounting like a space light from a studio grid.

Mount up to three FreeStyle 31 LED Panels or two 4ft/4Banks in a row. The LED controllers and 4Bank ballasts rig on the stand, or remotely up to 75 feet away via head extension cables. Or, power the LED’s via 24VDC batteries mounted on the K-Stacker II.

4Bank Fixtures can rotate from a horizontal to a vertical light fixture mode.



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