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Mini Bazooka mount 8″

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$ 596.00
The Bazooka, while being used either ‘freestanding’ or in conjunction with any other camera dolly, reveals a myriad of creative

Mini Preemie Baby stand (steel)

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$ 350.00
Heavy-duty and rugged, these aluminum and steel stands can withstand the rigors of location shooting. Preemie Baby stands are made

Noga arm

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$ 249.00$ 263.00
Articulated, multi-jointed arms that are strong and versatile. Holds smaller cameras, lights, monitors, props and other production accessories that require precise, extended positioning on set. With one simple turn, NOGA Arm instantly and simultaneously locks - or releases - the system's three articulated joints, making it easy both to quickly position equipment or accessories and to modify the angle, skew or height of your fixtures in response to shot requirements. Click here to watch the video

Pipe clamp

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$ 62.00$ 101.00
Both the Baby Pipe Clamp and the Junior Pipe Clamp have a uniquely designed hook molded into the clamp which keeps the clamp on the pipe even with a light fixture attached while the bolt is being tightened. The Baby Pipe Clamp terminates in a 5/8 Pin with a safety chain and cotter pin attached. The Junior Pipe Clamp of course terminates in a Junior Receiver and also has a safety chain and cotter pin attached.

Pivoting yoke for Matthboard (black)

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$ 231.00
Positive lock off yoke made to hold Expendable Reflectors, gives the same feel and look as a conventional hard board

Pro Mount System

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$ 960.00
Matthews’ Car Mount Systems integrate the new MICROgrip technology along with the recently introduced Matthews family of Ball Heads to

Quacker clamp

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$ 155.00
Also known as the Duck Bill or Platypus Clamp. This clamp is ideal for positioning foam core or bead board.

Revenger stand black

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$ 122.00
Designed primarily for use in lighting kits, these stands are compact and lightweight, ideal for assembling custom lighting kits or

Snap in pins

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$ 28.00$ 49.00
For mounting of lighting fixtures. Matthews offers three different sizes to fit most motion picture and still photographic instruments. 5/8", 1/2" and 3/8".

Stand/Spud adaptor 1-1/8″ to 5/8″

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$ 46.00
Machined from solid steel, the Stand/SPUD Adapter is exceptionally strong. Used to convert Junior 1-1/2″ female to Baby 5/8″ male.