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Vintage Cloud is a world leader in the technologies required to ensure the fast and safe digitization of valuable film archives. The company acquired Steenbeck B.V in 2016 and has developed a digital version of the traditional Steenbeck editing table: The Vintage Cloud Steenbeck (VCS) digitizer. It is the first true all-in-one film archive digitization system that is characterized by its unprecedented ease of use, flexibility, speed and affordability. With this machine, Vintage Cloud can cover all work processes needed for a film archive to transfer their audio-visual treasures to digital formats before it’s too late.



Vintage Cloud’s platform is the result of an incremental innovation process developed with technology that has more than 60 years of proven industry expertise in the delicate task of film handling. The VCS digitizing system is the preferred device for many film heritage institutions thanks to its special delicacy at moving fragile and deteriorated film (i.e. shrunken film, broken perforations, fragile splices, warped and brittle film). VCS is the only solution available in the market that is capable of digitizing images and all audio formats simultaneously, and up to 60 fps in up to 4K resolution, while enabling real-life digitization corrections (i.e. reducing post-production works). 


Vintage Cloud Smart Indexing uses AI and machine learning to dramatically increase the speed and precision with which metadata can be included within the asset. It is capable of automatically recognizing faces and emotions of over 11,000 objects categories, and written words, enabling an automatic and efficient film cataloguing in real time (during the digitization process or as a stand-alone feature).