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Brand: CTM Andre Debrie

Width: 131 cm
Depth: 74 cm
Height: 194 cm, 228 cm with pump
Crating size: 150 x 226 x 94 cm (WXHXD)
Weight: 625 kg
Shipping weight: 725 kg
Power: 220 V, 50 Hz, uniphase 35 Amp

Ultraclean 2000
16/35 Film cleaning machine with solvent recovery with Perchlo as cleaning agent, speed up to 2000m/h (100ft/min)

Ultraclean 4200
16/35 Film cleaning machine with solvent recovery with HFE as cleaning agent, speed up to 4200m/h (230ft/min)


Dual cleaning action with buffers & ultrasonic action Continuous solvent recovery & distillation
Closed loop air drying
Film drive by capstan 
Perchloroethylene or HFE 3M
Control of brushes speed rotation

Higher cleaning speed
Low solvent consumption
Better comfort of the user

with buffer & ultrasonic action
This system uses four buffers that, having been immersed in perchlorethylene, are mounted asymmetrically so that large areas of the film’s surface come into contact with the velvet. The ul- trasonic action assists in the cleaning. Thus the dual cleaning action gives the film the best treat- ment possible, removing stubborn dirt, grease, oil, fingerprints and other deposits, without the risk of harming the film in any way.

continuous solvent recovery & distillation
The solvent is continuously reprocessed to main- tain its purity and cleanliness for optimum qua- lity of cleaning. ULTRACLEAN’s double condenser system then reprocesses the cleaning solution and returns it to the main reservoir. Filters re- move particles as well as any aqueous contami- nants. The purification processes occur during operation, thus no time is lost for recovery and distillation.

Each model is available in ready supply to be used with perchloroethylene or with HFE. A machine can function with either of the solvents, however those machines using perchloroethyl- ene can be upgraded at any point to use HFE.

Closed loop air-drying has the essential benefit of reducing water contamination of the solvents. Other machines draw in ambient (humid) air from their surroundings to dry the film, which inevit- ably condenses, thus leaving traces of water in the solvent. Furthermore, by including the air of the cabinet space in the closed loop of the pro- cessing system, the amount of solvent vapor re- leased into the atmosphere is considerably reduced to minimal percentages. With conventional drying systems, during the loading and unloading of films, vapors can easily escape. ULTRACLEAN uses a partition to isolate the film loading section from the cleaning area, thereby limiting the concentration of vapors that can be found in the cleaning area.

Film is propelled by a Capstan drive, thus assuring accuracy and steadiness. CTM DEBRIE cleaners use servo-systems, employing the smooth, continuous motion of the Capstan drive system. The capstan drive removes the risk of damaging the negative, even if there is a failure, since it is necessary neither “to pull” nor “to push” the film as is the case when mechanical sprockets, or pins, are located in the film sprocket holes. The machine is therefore suitable for archive mater- ials. Film can be also driven by sprocket (optional)


Film capacity
4000 feet (1200m), 6000 feet (1800m) as an option

16mm / 35mm

Film speed with PERCH
50, 100, feet/min (1000, 2000 meters/hour), variable speed

Film speed with HFE 3M
50, 100, 230 feet/min (1000, 2000, 4200 meters/hour), variable speed

Cleaning tank capacity
12 liters

Distillation tank capacity
16 liters

Tank capacity
18 liters

Distillation time
4 hours

safety interlocks, film break detector, solvent level detector, temperature indicators, cleaning tank, drying pressure indicators, compressed air – solvent