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TR3 & M Series

Brand: CTM Andre Debrie

The TR3 and M series inspection tables are ideal for handling negatives, positives or very delicate archival material. The light box installed on the three models allows a comfortable verification and assessment of films. The speed can be adjusted manually for M series or settled by hand or by foot pedal for TR3 model.

Equipped with acceleration ramp, it allows precise control of the film movement and instant reverse function. The film tension adjustment provides the gentle handling of all types of films.


TR3 16/35mm 600m electric bidirectional table 
M10 16/35mm 600m manual unidirectionnal table 
M11 16/35mm 600m manual bidirectionnal table 



One direction or reverse 
Manual or electric 
Adjustable tension 
Big ground glass with light box
(275 x 195 mm) 
Multi Unit counter (option) 


Respect and safety of archival and damaged films 
Wide range of options to meet all needs 
Retractable core 
Better comfort for the operator 


Technical Specification

Capacity: 600 m 
Formats: 16/35 mm 
Winding speed: up to 250 m/min (TR3) 
Speed control: manual or double foot pedal 
Power: 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz – 6 Amp (TR3) 




Length: 1220 mm
Width: 640 mm 
Height: 800 mm 
Net weight: 80 kg 


Available Options

OP10 – Table working lamp 
OP80 – Multi unit counter (with OP240 or OP241 or OP244) 
OP170 – Special table lamp with ground glass (type GFF) 
OP171 – Integrated removable trash can fireproof for nitrate films off cut 
OP172 – Scratches safe zone: special location for restoration 
OP173 – Meter graduation on plates upon basic cores (meters/yards) 
OP200 – Simple Shelf 
OP201 – Double Shelf 
OP222 – 2 PTR D=76 mm with mountings 
OP226 – Double foot control 
OP240 – 16 mm sprocket + encoder (with OP80) 
OP241 – 35 mm sprocket + encoder (with OP80) 
OP242 – Light device in the sprocket 16 mm 
OP245 – 35 mm film sprocket for shrunk films (4.70 perforation pitch) 
OP246 – 17,5 mm film sprocket (with OP80) 
OP810 – Retractable elbow pad 
OP811 – Frame rule for 16mm and 35mm films – graduated up to 25 frames for 35mm 
OP812 – Special table lamp with magnifying glass 
OP813 – Nuclei with retractable key (2 units for TR3) 
OP819 – Special transparent ventilated hood (no shelf)