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Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer

Brand: Vintage Cloud Steenbeck
Part: Digitizer for Film Archives

The World’s First True All – In – One Digitizer For Film Archives 

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Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer


The driving force behind the digitiser

  • Best technology ensures every detail
  • Best operator experience is crucial to the result


The 4 big advantages

  • It is the only system capable of digitizing separate image and audio at the same time up to 4K resolution and up to 60 fps.
  • The Digitizer is 3-5 times less costly per digitized hour than other high-end systems while delivering unprecedented image quality and superior operator satisfaction.
  • The Digitizer is highly tolerant of damaged perforations, fragile splices, warped, brittle and shrunken films. Broken perforations are handled with our “zero-perf.” construction allowing for missing perforations up to 30 frames.
  • The system boasts a tactile, no nonsense interface giving you quick and intuitive access to various adjustment interfaces and operators can be up and running with confidence after just a few hours of training.


Property Specifications
Scanning speeds 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps (forwards and backwards) in 1080p HD

24fps, 25fps, 30fps in 4K (2perf, 3perf, 4perf) 

120fps for proxy scans available in both 4K and HD

Resolution 1080p HD and 4K in 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 RAW (optional)
Film formats 16mm and 35mm models available (separate products)
Shrunken film Up to 2.5% requires accessory capstan sprocket (optional)
Damaged film Mechanical drive extremely tolerant to damages on film such as old splices, missing perforations, warped films etc. (precision not guaranteed, but scanning process is uninterrupted)
Warped film Rounded gate capstan counteracts effects from warped film. 
Vertical Registration precision Vertical registration precision down to ± 0.5 pixels, electronically controlled and calibrated. Actual precision depends on perforation quality. Typically ± 1 pixels can be achieved on stock film. Delivered calibrated and proved stable with test film to ± 1 pixel.



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Support and Training

Our support is only one call away and our technicians are ready to jump on a plane if matters can’t be handled remotely. Our machines and interfaces are designed with the operator and ease-of-use in mind. Before you start, you will receive a 3-days introduction course at one of our training facilities. After machine installation at your facilities, you will have a full week of training with your own materials. During this training, you build your staff ’s confidence in operating the machines at full speed. We always carry machines on stock so we can from signing of a contract have you digitizing at full speed in a matter of 6-7 weeks.