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RT29 and EV1800

Brand: CTM Andre Debrie

RT29 (ex TR4): 35 mm, 600 m, electric horizontal rewinder with constant tension

Capacity: 600 m (2000 feet), 1200 m (4000 feet) or 1800 m (5480 feet)
Rewinding speed: 400 m/min (1200 ft/min) winding speed for EV 1800 m (5480 feet) of film
Speed Control: foot pedal or jog. shuttle, or manual handle


This range of tables is ideal for handling negative, positive or very delicate archival materials. Mono or bidirectional, manual or electric — these are some of available options to choose from.

Manual or Electric
The rewinding tables RT Series and EV Series offer several configurations. This wide range of rewinding tables is available in response to the requirements and practices of operators. With RT & EV series tables, starting, stopping and winding are electronically controlled, thus negatives can be wound with complete safety. Manual (RT) or electric, these rewinding tables are designed for 16 mm and 35 mm films and speed can be controlled by foot or by hand and cut-off at the film’s end, by pressing a stop button or, alternatively, at the film brake.

Automatic length control (EV)
Pre-set counter measures film lengths in meters. Tables are equipped with an automatic stop capability at the selected length (more or less 10 meters due to deceleration time). EV series has been designed to rewind large capacity reels and to enable film raw stock to be measured, stopped and spliced at desired length efficiently and safely, all of which can be done while the operator remains seated.

One direction or Reverse (RT)
RT and EV series tables allow operators to rewind 600 meters (2000 feet) or 1200 meters (4000 feet) of film in either direction through the use of well-arranged foot pedals or hand controls located on the front panel. Speeds vary from 0 to 600 meters per minute. Operators are given the option of reversing the direction of the film at high speeds without the risk of damaging the film. Feed and take-up direction selectors (switches) are provided for winding Emulsion In or Emulsion Out (A or B wind).

Film Cleaner Action
Fitted with four PTR rollers (optional), the rewinding table can be used as a low-cost, environment-friendly, safe film cleaner. As film moves through the rollers, dust, dirt and other unwanted particles are removed from both sides.

Variable speed & Constant tension
The operator retains full servo-control over speed and film tension regardless of the size of the feed & take-up rolls. Electronic drive system contains two DC motors and one electronic rack. Tachymeter disc is placed under the main sprocket for speed servo control. The take-up’s motor assures speed regulation. Tension remains constant during acceleration and deceleration.