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BON BSM-243N3G 24″ Broadcast Monitor

Brand: BON
Part: BSM-243N3G

The BON BSM-243N3G 24″ 3G-SDI/HDMI Broadcast Monitor accepts 3G-SDI signals and offers a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200. It features 2 SDI input ports with 3G SDI support. The color temperatures are selectable and gamma correction is applied to reproduce precise colors and gradients.


Users can update firmware or control the monitor via the RS-422 or Ethernet port. Menu settings can be copied to other monitors with an USB stick. With the built-in waveform/vectorscope, you can monitor the luminance range, color range, and Y/Cb/Cr/R/G/B levels.

False color
Time code display
Exposure range check
AFD and V-CHIP (SDI Only)
R,G,B or Gray only display
Pixel-to-pixel view
Freeze frame
Tally display
Menu settings transfer with USB
Color calibration software (optional, training required)
Focus assistance
Closed caption (CEA-608/708)
8 to 16-channel audio level meter
UMD/IMD mode (supports TSL 4.0)
Various markers
H/V delay
Zero/Under/Over Scan
R/G/B/W internal patterns
Monitor controllable via Ethernet
Rack and VESA mount (optional)