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ARRI Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom AUWZ 19-36/T4.2

Brand: ARRI
Part: K2.0006969

ARRI’s Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom AUWZ 19-36/T4.2 is a unique lens that perfectly complements the Master Anamorphics by extending the range to cover extreme wide-angle focal lengths between 19 mm and 36 mm, without any sacrifice in image quality.

Main Features
– Very low distortion, even at 19 mm
– Exceptional corner-to-corner image performance
– Virtually no image breathing
– Uniform field illumination
– Extreme close focus up to the front lens element
– Fixed entrance pupil position over the entire zoom range
– LDS lens metadata for on-set tasks and VFX in post
– Complements the Master Anamorphic lenses
– Unique anamorphic flares