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Andre Debrie Perfecta

Brand: CTM Andre Debrie

PERFECTA is designed to handle positive and negative nitrate films as well as negative, positive and intermediate safety films. It handles warped and damaged film with missing perforations. PERFECTA is equipped with a 5,1K scanning system that allows full-width film scanning.

• Multi format: from 8/S8, 9,5, 16/S16, 17,5, 28, 35/ S35mm
• Picture stabilization through the perforation analysis
• Sprocketless capstan drive system with 2D optical pin registration
• Simplified film loading thanks to a very limited number of rollers

• Horizontal positioning proper to a traditional viewing editing table
• Enhanced ergonomy for film viewing, inspection, physical restoration and editing
• Equipped with a multi-unit counter: images / meters / time.


  • Camera: 5,1 K with ultra low noise, progressive mode with Bayer filter,
  • Sensor format: (5.120×3.840 pixels)
  • Output formats: 5K, 4K, 2K, HD, SDand others
  • DPX Color B/W 10/16 bit (ANSI / SMPTE 268M-2003)
  • Uncompressed AVI
  • Low resolution H264
  • WAV / BMF
  • Bi-phase output, Genlock input synchronization and basic protocol RS422
  • Audio output (2 channels)