The Orbiter: now with a new fresnel lens!

With the new Fresnel lens added to the already large pool of optics, the Orbiter is now even more versatile. The Orbiter Fresnel lens is a great addition to the already existing Orbiter Open Face optics 15°, 30°, and 60°. Despite its large aperture, the Orbiter Fresnel lens housing is compact (approx. 340 mm x 380 mm x 370 mm / 13.4 in x 15 in x 14.6 in) and lightweight (~ 4.5 kg / 9.5 lbs.). Its lens diameter of 285 mm (11.2 in) equals that of the True Blue ST2/3 and T5. The large zoom range is of 15 to 65° fully motorized and can be precisely positioned while being controlled locally via Orbiter’s Control Panel or remotely by DMX/RDM or IP based (ArtNet or sACN). The Orbiter Fresnel lens will be available in black.

Welcome to our demo with the ALEXA 35 camera

Thank you for a successful Open House! We hope you enjoyed the presentations lined up and learnt more about the various equipment we had on display.

We heard your interest in the ARRI Alexa 35 digital camera, which is why we are hosting a demo seminar in the next 2 weeks. Be sure to save the date if you wish to meet expert technicians from ARRI who will share with you insightful tips on how to make the best use of the camera!

You can also look forward to the goodie bags we’ve prepared!

Newly launched: the ARRI ALEXA 35 digital camera

The ARRI ALEXA 35 is a 4K Super 35 camera that offers greater dynamic possibilities and enhanced creative controls.

  • Industry-leading image quality at native 4K and 120 fps
  • 17 stops of dynamic range, best for HDR
  • “High ISO” up to EI 6400 and Enhanced Sensitivity Mode
  • Richer color rendition through REVEAL Color Science
  • More creative control via ARRI Textures and wide lens choice
  • Complete range of accessories and workflow tools

Contact us for a quotation.

Welcome to our Open House this June!

Last year, we’ve moved to our new office premise at 49 Jalan Pemimpin, and this year, we’re pleased to welcome you to our Open House in June! Look forward to exciting sharings from our partners MovieTech, Phantom and Aputure. Join us to try out the various equipment on display at our showroom.

For the latest event updates, please RSVP here.

Here’s a preview of the events we have lined up: 

1 June, Wednesday

1430-1630 Presentation by Kenneth Shore from MovieTech


2 June, Thursday: Training for servicing and repair conducted by MovieTech. This is a full day workshop conducted in 2 sessions. We encourage you to sign up for both sessions.

Session 1: 0930-1230

Session 2: 1400-1700


3 June, Friday

Session 1 (1100-1300): Presentation by Derek Ker from Vision Research Inc. (Phantom), who will introduce the new ONYX and VEO4K cameras.   

Session 2 (1430-1630): Presentation by Aputure.

The Phantom VEO4K is now at Cinegear!

Cine Equipment is pleased to announce that Cinegear now owns our very first set of Phantom VEO4K camera in Singapore!

Cinegear is Singapore’s largest rental house for one stop rental solutions, offering the full range of filming gear. Their inventory is now made even more complete with the recent addition of the Phantom VEO4K-PL camera. Look out for attractive deals from Cinegear coming your way soon! Check out their website here.

Now Available: Used MovieTech Crane 120

Movietech’s used Crane 120 from the European Football Championship is now available for sale! Pair it with the “Remote-Head P10”, the “Base Dolly CD5” or “Bullstand Tripod”, the Crane 120 is a first choice for Football.  Setup versions up to 9 and 7.5 meters length  are available.   Contact us today for enquiries!

Movietech – camera support systems that Grips love to work with!

MovieTech’s Magnum dolly was the first electromechanical column dolly with a rotable and removable centre column in the world. Its patented concept features a much more user-friendly handling of the dolly when carrying, while opening up completely new possibilities to operate the equipment. MovieTech has also made the Magnum Dolly compatible with a multitude of innovative accessories, such as the Duo Jib, the Low Rig and the Ubangi Slider. 

With the release of its Kirin Crane System in 2020, MovieTech set a new milestone in the category of section cranes – it is a true storybook all-rounder that can be operated as a jib arm, platform crane or as a 14m long remote head crane. Longer, stronger, safer and more versatile than any other cranes of its kinds.

The MovieTech team is committed to achieving their mission of supplying film sets all around the world with grip equipment and camera support systems that Grips love to work with.

Click here to visit the MovieTech website.