The Phantom VEO4K is now at Cinegear!

Cine Equipment is pleased to announce that Cinegear now owns our very first set of Phantom VEO4K camera in Singapore!

Cinegear is Singapore’s largest rental house for one stop rental solutions, offering the full range of filming gear. Their inventory is now made even more complete with the recent addition of the Phantom VEO4K-PL camera. Look out for attractive deals from Cinegear coming your way soon! Check out their website here.

Now Available: Used MovieTech Crane 120

Movietech’s used Crane 120 from the European Football Championship is now available for sale! Pair it with the “Remote-Head P10”, the “Base Dolly CD5” or “Bullstand Tripod”, the Crane 120 is a first choice for Football.  Setup versions up to 9 and 7.5 meters length  are available.   Contact us today for enquiries!

Movietech – camera support systems that Grips love to work with!

MovieTech’s Magnum dolly was the first electromechanical column dolly with a rotable and removable centre column in the world. Its patented concept features a much more user-friendly handling of the dolly when carrying, while opening up completely new possibilities to operate the equipment. MovieTech has also made the Magnum Dolly compatible with a multitude of innovative accessories, such as the Duo Jib, the Low Rig and the Ubangi Slider. 

With the release of its Kirin Crane System in 2020, MovieTech set a new milestone in the category of section cranes – it is a true storybook all-rounder that can be operated as a jib arm, platform crane or as a 14m long remote head crane. Longer, stronger, safer and more versatile than any other cranes of its kinds.

The MovieTech team is committed to achieving their mission of supplying film sets all around the world with grip equipment and camera support systems that Grips love to work with.

Click here to visit the MovieTech website.

Gemini 1×1 Hard – the one light for every use

With an incredibly bright output of over 3000 lux @10ft/3m, Gemini 1×1 Hard delivers the brightest and most accurate 1×1 light ever. Blast through a silk, build layers of diffusion or bounce light off a board, with precision control of hue, saturation, intensity, gels and effects, Gemini 1×1 Hard gives you the power to control and create your own extraordinary.


Technical specifications

Beam angle (no diffuser) 46°
Beam angle with Domed Diffuser >100°
Optics 46° custom TIR lens
CCT Range 2,700-10,000K
Daylight (5600K) (Lux @10ft/3m) 3023 (No diff) / 1003 (Domed diff)
Tungsten (3200K) (Lux @10ft/3m) 2456 (No diff) / 912 (Domed diff)
RED (Lux @10ft/3m) 259 (No diff)
GREEN (Lux @10ft/3m) 1099 (No diff)
BLUE (Lux @10ft/3m) 202 (No diff)
TLCI / CRI (average) 98
+/- Green-Magenta Adjustment Continuously Variable
Included Diffusion Ultra Light (900-3711) / Domed (900-3712)
Lighting Control Modes RGBWW/CCT/HSI/Gel/FX single dial with LCD menu control
Number of Gels 300
Number of Effects 11
Dimming Control Constant Current 0-100% Continuous
Remote Control Options DMX, RDM, Apollo CRMX*, WDMX*, Bluetooth*
Fan Control Yes
USB Updates Yes
Ambient Temp Operation – 20 to + 45
Estimated LED lifetime 50,000+ hrs
Preset Options 6x preset CCT modes with quick select buttons, 6x customisable user presets with quick select buttons
Versions manual, pole operated
Weight – Regular Yoke 13.25 lb / 6.0 kg
Weight – Pole Operated Yoke 17.85 lbs / 8.1 kg
Height 12.6“/ 320 mm
Width 12.6“/ 320 mm
Depth 4.3“ / 110 mm
Mounting method TVMP
Nominal power draw 200W
Power supply Yoke Mounted
Mains Input IEC, 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
IP Rating IP20
Mobile power options Gemini 1×1 14.4V Battery Plate (fits to yoke or directly on fixture) [not included]

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