Aputure is now available at Cine Equipment!

We are sure you have heard of Aputure. They are now our partner too.

Founded in 2005 by a team of inspired filmmakers and videographers, Aputure is known for its affordable and professional cinema equipment. Today, Aputure is one of the fastest growing cinema technology companies, designing and specializing in high-end cinematic LED lighting solutions.


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Nanlite’s new Pavotube II X series: what’s different?

The 2nd generation of PavoTubes from Nanlite has just been launched!

What’s different about the PavoTube II X ?

In addition to 15 adjustable practical special effects, the PavoTube II X LED Pixel Tubes feature 10 new pixel-based effects. The effects can be natively controlled via built-in Bluetooth with the new NANLINK app for iOS and Android, and many other functions can be controlled with the app as well for multiple fixtures.

Featuring an expanded and more precise colour temperature range of 2700K–12000K with green to magenta adjustment, an average CRI of 97, an average TLCI of 98, plus full-spectrum RGB hue and saturation control, the PavoTube II X packs studio-quality lighting into a hardy, go-anywhere package.

The new PavoTube II X comes in three sizes: the 24inch 15X, the 45″ 30X and the 87.4inch 60X.

Experience the Rainbow with Quasar Science’s RR!

The Double Rainbow launched recently by Quasar Science is an elegant and compact RGB tube. Not only is it equipped with the Ossium mounting system to allow for multiple mounting choices, it also has a wide range of wireless capabilities, allowing you to control it it using CRMX, W-DMX, Bluetooth or WiFi.
Each kit comes with:
1 – RR Double Rainbow Light
1 – Ossium Slider
1 – Ossium Baby Pin
2 – Q-Boot Bumpers
1 – 8′ AC Power Cord
1 – 8′ DC Power Cord

Introducing the Q5 185W LED Fresnel from Fiilex

The Q5 Color is a 185W 5” LED Fresnel that generates high-quality RGBW light output. This fixture uses the latest iteration of Fiilex’s Dense Matrix LED technology to deliver color quality and optical versatility that are superior to previous generations of LED fresnels. With its wide spot/flood range, smooth dimming to 0%, no flicker, and high CRI, the Q5 Color combines the extensive feature set of top-tier RGBW LEDs with the performance of a tungsten fresnel.

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