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Cine loader pouch

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$ 25.00
A lightweight and durable pouch for storage of crew supplies. Comes with a belt slot at the bag that enables

Cine sandbag

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$ 22.00$ 32.00
Our sandbags are made locally in-house with highly durable cordura material, perfect for use as counter weights to hold down equipment. Do you have any special requests such as embossments or additional handles? Simply contact one of our Singapore sales staff to make a request. Please note that additional charges may apply.

Cine sandbag (without sand)

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$ 17.00$ 29.00
Our popular sandbag - only without the sand, to make transportation effortless. This sandbag comes with a zip and velcro tab to keep your sand firmly in place. Simply fill a plastic bag up with sand, seal it, and insert it into the sandbag pouch upon receiving it. A reflective strip can be sewn onto the bag upon request.
  • Choice of colours for the handles: Blue and Red
  Do you have any other special requests such as additional embossments or handles? Don't hesitate to contact our sales staff in the Singapore head office to find out more!

Customised padded protective bags for storage of equipment

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$ 40.00
Our bags are made locally in-house with highly durable cordura material and is padded with thick foam to add extra

Position marker

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$ 10.00
Made for marking positions on set. Dimensions: 5cmx18cm