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Chimera 9560 Ianiro/Desisti/Cosmo/Redhead Video Pro speed rings

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$ 188.00
Chimera’s Aluminum Video Pro Speed Rings are a high-performance solution for volume rental, field, or studio outfits. With full metal


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$ 318.00
Made with the same durable material as the Video PRO Plus One Lightbanks but with a soft silver interior., this

Chimera Octa 2 Beauty Dish (24″)

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$ 3,385.00
24” / 61 cm front diameter matches traditional beauty dishes. Collapsible alternative to traditional metal beauty dishes Converts from beauty dish to Octa lightbank with included front diffusion screen. Compatible with Chimera OctaPlus Speed Rings.

Chimera Octaplus 3 for Strobe

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$ 516.00
Soft-silver interior for balance of efficient light output and diffusion Optimal size and shape for compact, wrapping key light Durable fabric body hand-sewn in Boulder, CO Aluminum poles for long lifetime of performance