Gemini 1×1 Hard – the one light for every use

With an incredibly bright output of over 3000 lux @10ft/3m, Gemini 1×1 Hard delivers the brightest and most accurate 1×1 light ever. Blast through a silk, build layers of diffusion or bounce light off a board, with precision control of hue, saturation, intensity, gels and effects, Gemini 1×1 Hard gives you the power to control and create your own extraordinary.


Technical specifications

Beam angle (no diffuser) 46°
Beam angle with Domed Diffuser >100°
Optics 46° custom TIR lens
CCT Range 2,700-10,000K
Daylight (5600K) (Lux @10ft/3m) 3023 (No diff) / 1003 (Domed diff)
Tungsten (3200K) (Lux @10ft/3m) 2456 (No diff) / 912 (Domed diff)
RED (Lux @10ft/3m) 259 (No diff)
GREEN (Lux @10ft/3m) 1099 (No diff)
BLUE (Lux @10ft/3m) 202 (No diff)
TLCI / CRI (average) 98
+/- Green-Magenta Adjustment Continuously Variable
Included Diffusion Ultra Light (900-3711) / Domed (900-3712)
Lighting Control Modes RGBWW/CCT/HSI/Gel/FX single dial with LCD menu control
Number of Gels 300
Number of Effects 11
Dimming Control Constant Current 0-100% Continuous
Remote Control Options DMX, RDM, Apollo CRMX*, WDMX*, Bluetooth*
Fan Control Yes
USB Updates Yes
Ambient Temp Operation – 20 to + 45
Estimated LED lifetime 50,000+ hrs
Preset Options 6x preset CCT modes with quick select buttons, 6x customisable user presets with quick select buttons
Versions manual, pole operated
Weight – Regular Yoke 13.25 lb / 6.0 kg
Weight – Pole Operated Yoke 17.85 lbs / 8.1 kg
Height 12.6“/ 320 mm
Width 12.6“/ 320 mm
Depth 4.3“ / 110 mm
Mounting method TVMP
Nominal power draw 200W
Power supply Yoke Mounted
Mains Input IEC, 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
IP Rating IP20
Mobile power options Gemini 1×1 14.4V Battery Plate (fits to yoke or directly on fixture) [not included]

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Experience the Rainbow with Quasar Science’s RR!

The Double Rainbow launched recently by Quasar Science is an elegant and compact RGB tube. Not only is it equipped with the Ossium mounting system to allow for multiple mounting choices, it also has a wide range of wireless capabilities, allowing you to control it it using CRMX, W-DMX, Bluetooth or WiFi.
Each kit comes with:
1 – RR Double Rainbow Light
1 – Ossium Slider
1 – Ossium Baby Pin
2 – Q-Boot Bumpers
1 – 8′ AC Power Cord
1 – 8′ DC Power Cord

A block of pure power: Bebob CUBE 1200

At 9kg, the CUBE is lighter than other models, all while delivering 81.6Ah and 1176Wh. Imagine being able to use the ARRI SkyPanel S60 for more than 2.5 hours at maximum power!
The CUBE is equipped with three 12V outputs (1 x D-Tap, 2x XLR), two 24V outputs and one 48V output (all XLR), as well as two USB outputs (5V) that allow external devices to operate while charging (a perfect solution for charging mobile devices).
Truly, a block of pure power.

We are moving!

Beginning 25 May 2021, Cine Equipment will be moving permanently to our new home at 49 Jalan Pemimpin, #05-06 APS Industrial Building, Singapore 577203. Our contact details remain unchanged. We will bid farewell to our first home since our founding in 1995 as it will be undergoing redevelopment.  We would like to extend our sincere apologies if you had experienced any delays during your transaction with us, and we hope for your kind understanding during this period as we move to our new office.

Thank you for your generous support to Cine Equipment over the years, and we look forward to serving you in the coming years ahead!

Heard of the Compact Clean film cleaning machine recently launched by CTM?

CTM has just launched their latest film cleaning machine in the market that works with a new solvent which does not contain chlorine. The machine is easy to operate and does not require any special knowledge. 

The machine has several advantages:

  • The solvent does not contain chlorine and is approved by the EU Health and Safety Agency for use in various sectors (food, cosmetics, aircraft, medical equipment, etc.)
  • The solvent effectively cleans the film with results comparable to using perchlorethylene solution
  • The solvent costs 4 times less than HFE
  • The solvent is approved for use by the National Audio Visual Institute of France (INA)
  • With a simplified machine design, less complex units (no cold group, no distillation system, no ultrasound, no heating group for the solvent, no vapor condensation system), it requires lower maintenance costs
  • It takes up less indoor space due to its compact design 

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The key to a simplified lighting control on set

Cine Equipment has recently been appointed as a dealer for Spots Unlimited, a brand established in 1999 by 4 gaffers with the dream of creating tools to simplify gaffers’ jobs on set. The gaffers control is an all-in-one console in the StormCase™ casing with 7” capacitive touch screen 800×480 pixels. With an integrated CRMX LumenRadio™ transmitter and integrated Lithium-ion 70 W/h battery, it is capable of recording 14 addressable banks/512 DMX addresses.

Click here to view the full technical specifications.

Introducing the Q5 185W LED Fresnel from Fiilex

The Q5 Color is a 185W 5” LED Fresnel that generates high-quality RGBW light output. This fixture uses the latest iteration of Fiilex’s Dense Matrix LED technology to deliver color quality and optical versatility that are superior to previous generations of LED fresnels. With its wide spot/flood range, smooth dimming to 0%, no flicker, and high CRI, the Q5 Color combines the extensive feature set of top-tier RGBW LEDs with the performance of a tungsten fresnel.

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