cmotion cPRO Line

Brand: cmotion




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The cPRO hand unit is designed to be a feature packed work horse which offers ultimate control in a compact and balanced shape. The unit stands out with its balanced and ergonomic design paired with innovative control features.

The innovative thumb wheel positioned beneath the touch display provides quick and easy access to the system’s extensive menu settings even while wearing gloves. In addition to this, the thumb wheel can be assigned as a fully functional 4th axis controller.


The newly designed focus knob with a concave fingertip moulding, mechanical hard stops and anti-slip grip has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding focus puller.

A smart internal power buffer enables batteries to be hot-swapped without shutting down the unit.

The illuminated marker ring, marker strip, user buttons and a zoom position LED display ensures cPRO provides clear information and feedback in any shooting environment.

Additional add-ons including a cstrap mount (for cmotion’s neck /shoulder strap), a desk stand, and an innovative monitor mount for balanced mounting and positioning of your monitor completes the set-up.








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Mechanically, the cPRO motor is based on the incredibly popular cforce mini. However, this motor benefits from a built-in RF mo¬dule. Incorporating the wireless module into the motor 

eliminates the need for an extra unit being mounted on the camera. This combination reduces both the weight and costs of a ready to use system. 2 user buttons provide a simple interface for 


setting the motor scale, triggering motor calibration and selecting one of the 8 RF channels to pair with the new cPRO hand unit. Using the LBUS interface, the system can be expanded with up to 2 additional cforce motors while the new EXT mini connector provides a versatile interface for power supply and run/stop control (*plus camera feedback) for cameras including ARRI, RED SONY, CANON AND BLACKMAGIC.










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The cPRO camin is cmotion’s smallest camin yet! It offers an LBUS inter¬face to connect up to 3 cforce motors in daisy-chain and a new EXT mini connector providing power input, run/stop control and camera feedback for popular cameras including ARRI, RED, SONY, CANON and 



Through RED’s open protocol, cPRO can even offer wireless control over internal focus and iris scales on EF lenses for an ultra-lightweight configuration.